Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Website Spotlight: Parenting Our Parents

Since the 2006 initiation of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the UN estimates that the global population of people aged 60 years and older will more than double in 2025 to about 1.2 billion. With many countries experiencing a rapidly aging population, the UN predicts an increase in abuse towards older people, a global social issue which affects the health and human rights of millions of older persons around the world. 
Author of "Oh My God! We¹re Parenting Our Parents," Jane Wolf Waterman, left her career as a lawyer to become a psychotherapist and, in addition to her book, has used her experience as a parent caretaker to help other families throughout the nation develop "Parenting Our Parents" (or POP) skills. These skills include the investigation, enforcement, and prevention of elderly abuse, as well as a coachable program where a person can learn to care for elderly parents and see this new phase as a Journey of Love. Considering that often the abuse is at home or at the hands of relatives, largely due to frustration or a lack of understanding of how to parent our parents, Jane¹s POP program teaches families to reconnect, and to come together and do good for those who cared for them.
According to Jane, "There is also hope that, with a new awareness and an expanded point of view about aging and family responsibility, aging in America can be very different, even wonderful for all involved."
About Jane Wolf Waterman:
Jane Wolf Waterman has spent nearly four decades honing her skills as a problem-solver. Graduating with honors from Wellesley College, Jane received her Juris Doctor law degree from Boston University. Later in life, she attended UCLA to receive her master's degree in social welfare, becoming a licensed Psychotherapist. Jane has also won awards volunteering her time at AIDS Project Los Angeles, running caregiver support groups and working to change unfair tax laws.
Jane now practices psychotherapy in her offices in southern California. For decades she's counseled individuals and families to successfully resolve their biggest challenges ­ be they emotional loss, practical, relational or stage of life. Bringing the experience of teaching and practicing law to her work as a mental health professional and family coach, Jane feels privileged to have helped so many people live happier, healthier and saner lives.

About POP Family Coaching:

It was out of necessity that Jane became the first POP Family Coach (PFC), pioneering a national program she created when she saw that many people were desperate for specialized help to guide them as they traversed this unique time in any family¹s life.
Jane is developing a certification program so that POParents can become trained as POP Family Coaches to utilize Jane's unique POP/PFC program as well as learn how to contribute experience and wisdom to significantly aid other families traversing their POPcycles.
In addition to her private practice, Jane still conducts a limited number of POP family coaching sessions whenever she can. Jane likes to offer these primarily via the Internet on Skype, a virtually free communications technology. This live audio/video hookup allows her to bring together as many interested family members as possible, however near or far-flung, in ongoing discussions about utilizing POPlans, having particularly difficult conversations and whatever else they may need.

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