Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Amazing Apps: TrapCall

With instances of harassment and stalking reaching epidemic proportions at college campuses, thanks in part to the ubiquity of cellphones and the tendency of stalkers to unceasingly call their victims, the need for technology to deal with unwanted callers is also growing. Now that school is back in session and millions of students are vulnerable to being harassed, TelTech is encouraging parents and students of parents to use its TrapCall app to reduce harassment.
Many harassers use blocked phone numbers to trick their victims into answering their calls. TrapCall, which works with any cell phone and most mobile carriers, has the capability to unmask and "blacklist" those unwanted blocked or restricted callers, identifying them by phone number and even with first and last name when available. When TrapCall users ignore a call from a blacklisted caller, the caller hears a message saying that the user's number has been disconnected, effectively ending the telephone harassment.
TrapCall, which is already in use by more than one million users, also has practical applications for avoiding other unwanted callers, such as solicitors who use private or blocked numbers to increase their answer rates. The app also gives users the capability to read their voicemail messages via SMS, and control all features on the app by simply logging into their online account. TrapCall offers three different plans - Ultimate, Premium and Basic - and month-long, one-year or two-year subscriptions. 

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