Thursday, September 17, 2015

Healthy Habits: Year-Round Hydration

As seasons change and temperatures fall don’t let unhealthy habits creep back up. Hold onto healthy summer routines – like staying hydrated – year round to keep your body running and looking its best.

“As we head into fall and subconsciously swap water for beverages like coffee and tea, we need to pay even more attention to what we are drinking,” says Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, Keri Glassman.

“Staying hydrated should be a year round goal. From preventing cracks on your skin to getting rid of toxins in your system, the health benefits are countless. And now there’s new ways to drink water without getting bored. New functional waters – like PACt® cranberry extract water from Ocean Spray – have the taste and health benefits to help consumers stay on track,” she adds.
In this interview, she discusses why hydrating in the fall is important, how to stay hydrated throughout the day, ways to make water more interesting, and more.

Keri is the founder and president of Keri Glassman, “Nutritious Life,” a nutrition practice and wellness brand based in New York City. She was the Lead Nutritionist for Turner Broadcasting’s new effort to create health and wellness content for TV and digital media across its networks under the brand name “Upwave,” and the Nutritionist and Judge on their healthy cooking competition show, “Cook Your Ass Off.” Keri has authored four books. The most recent, “The New You and Improved Diet,” gives readers the only 8 rules they’ll ever need to know to lose weight and positively change their life forever. She is a member of the “Women’s Health” magazine advisory board, and has a weekly column in “People” magazine.

Interview Source: Ocean Spray

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