Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Website Spotlight: The Book of Everyone

The Book Of Everyone - a new easy to use book making website that effortlessly creates a beautiful, 50-page personalized book in seconds - is now available in North America.
Thanks to a battalion of creative talent that includes designers, illustrators, writers, photographers, mathematicians and techies from all over the world, each one of kind book created becomes a unique celebration of the individual and is stuffed full of interesting facts, strange statistics and curveball miscellany, all filtered through a satirically nostalgic glance back to the day the person was born.
The Book Of Everyone is beautifully personalized and perfect for birthdays, the holidays and anniversaries or just because someone is special and deserves it. It's easy to use and by entering in a few details, www.thebookofeveryone.com/us enables you to create a unique gift, completed in seconds and free to preview. You can personalize further with your own touches such as photos and dedications.
The response has been overwhelming since The Book Of Everyone's launch in the United Kingdom and to promote the various books available, creators Steve Hanson, Jonny Biggins and Jason Bramley are finding heartfelt ways to express their appreciation for friends and family. To show their gratitude to mothers worldwide and to promote The Book Of Mum, the founders took on the challenge of wearing thirty-three pound pregnancy suits for a month (24/7) and documented the experience of carrying out everyday tasks at www.3pregnantdads.com. For The Book of Dad, Steve, Jonny and Jason travelled from London to Glasgow handing out thousands of self-postage postcards offering people the chance to share a shocking confession, a heartfelt apology, or just a simple thank you to their father. 
The Book of Everyone created an entirely original idea; a book made by you, them and a bunch of amazing artists for that one of a kind person.
The Book Of Everyone is available in options that are affordable and for all budgets: Digital $9.50, Paperback $34.50 and Hardback $49.50.
Learn more about The Book Of Everyone, The Book Of Mum, The Book of Dad, and The Book of Everyone Wedding Book here www.thebookofeveryone.com/us

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