Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Book Nook: Medicines that Kill

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Cardiologist Dr. James L. Marcum wants to raise awareness of the dangers of overuse of medicines - OTC and prescription - in his new book Medicines That Kill: The Truth about the Hidden Epidemic (Tyndale House Publishers).

"l can still recall handing out my first prescription. The seriousness of the pen strokes hit me with full force," Dr. Marcum said. "l was about to change someone's chemistry. In doing so, I could help sustain him, or I could kill him. That responsibility weighed heavily on my mind."

It's easy to accept prescriptions from doctors and use OTC drugs without thinking about the risks, but in some cases, medicines can actually create more harm than good.

ln Medicines That Kill, Dr. Marcum shares stories of medications gone wrong and explains the dangers of using drugs without understanding how they might affect your body. He provides practical ways to come off medications (with the permission of your doctor) and seven ways to live a healthy lifestyle based on biblical principles found in the seven days of creation. Medicines That Kill encourages us to ask questions and to take control of our health by understanding what we put into our bodies.

While some medicines are good, it's helpful to inform yourself about the risks and other options out there, to make sure you're doing what's truly best for your body. As a cardiologist, Dr. Marcum is credible, yet writes with an easily understandable tone, to share his views and experience with medications.

About the Author:
Dr. James L. Marcum, board-certified cardiologist practicing with Chattanooga Heart Institute, has been named by USA Today as one of the most influential physicians in his field. He is the author of The Ultimate Prescription as well as an in-demand speaker for his role as the director of Heartwise Ministries. Currently, his radio program Heartwise airs on more than 400 radio stations across the nation. Dr. Marcum, speaker/director of Heartwise Ministries, hosts the health programs Heart of Health and BibleRx, which can be seen on secular and Christian television.  He is married to Sonya and has two children, Kelli and Jake. He enjoys music and outdoor activities.

About Tyndale House Publishers:
Tyndale House Publishers, founded in 1962, is the world's largest privately held Christian publisher of books, Bibles, and digital media. Tyndale has published many New York Times bestsellers. The largest portion of its profit goes to the nonprofit Tyndale House Foundation, which makes grants to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world. Tyndale was founded to publish Living Letters, which later comprised part of The Living Bible, a contemporary paraphrase of the Bible that became a global publishing phenomenon. Tyndale now publishes the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NLT), the translation of choice for millions of people.

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