Monday, October 12, 2015

Healthy Habits: Fun and Fitness for Kids

Having "fun” is serious business at Lionheart Fitness Kids.  The program, a nutrition and life lessons program for kids 2-5 years old, began with just seven children and now has reached more than 50,000 kids since it began in 2008.  Lionheart Kids is currently operating in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego, Chicago and Denver and is available to children through schools, corporations and park programs.
The program is simple.  It was developed by experts in the fields of nutrition, child development and physical education, with two criteria to uphold:
•    Teach fundamentals of sports in a fun, non-competitive environment
•    Train the coaches with patented methods and hold them accountable.
The end result: Healthy self-esteem, positive thinking, leadership, courage, responsibility, integrity, good sportsmanship, motor skills and social skills.  

I had a chance to interview John Skoryna, founder and CEO, to learn more.

Why is it so important to build kids' confidence and self-image?
I believe making a child feel special is the most important thing we can do. How a person views themselves has a tremendous impact on their success in life. Belief in oneself is the cornerstone of accomplishment. A child who has positive self-image and truly believes they can accomplish anything will be much more likely to succeed.
How do sports help do this?
Sports has the potential to impact children both positively and negatively. As coaches we have a tremendous responsibility to help children understand they all have something very special to contribute. It is important to help them form a positive attitude towards competition and teach them the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and respect. Every life lesson can be taught through sports but these lessons must be taught with joy, compassion and love which is the basis for the Lionheart Fitness Kids program.
Besides activity, how does nutrition play into overall health?
I believe nutrition is the foundation of health. A child can exercise for hours daily but if they are not getting the proper nutrition it will negatively affect their life. The benefits of exercise will be diminished and their other activities such as school work can become more challenging. In today’s fast food nation we are constantly bombarded by junk food ads. Healthy habits start at home, as parents, coaches and teachers we must do everything possible to educate our children on the importance of good nutrition and help them implement a game plan to follow.
Why is fun so important?
Fun is what makes kids tick! In fact, fun is what makes everyone tick! In general kids are not motivated by accomplishment. Kids will only want to participate in an activity if they find it enjoyable. It should be the number one priority for the instructor to make every lesson fun. If the child has a great time and walks away feeling confident about themselves they will most likely want to do it again. This is how positive habits are formed. FUN-damentals for Fun, FUN-damentals for life!


  1. Be the fitness role model for your child and get fit together.

  2. You need to set a good fitness example. Kids, especially younger children, naturally follow their parents.