Friday, October 30, 2015

Website Spotlight: Debt Management Resources

In addition to holiday cheer, the holiday season can bring debt. There are some new debt management tools available that can help consumers from sinking into holiday debt this year.

ReadyForZero, a debt management app by online marketplace lender Avant. Just this week, ReadyForZero announced that free credit monitoring is now available to all users. With this new feature, users can manage both their personal debt and credit from a single web and mobile interface – 100% free. Unlike other free credit monitoring services, ReadyForZero’s tools focus on personal debt repayment while monitoring credit changes at the same time., an Australian-based personal finance comparison and education site that recently launched in the U.S. They offer much more than just tables with products listed on them – they offer onsite comments, dedicated team, phone service and exclusive deals. Unlike other comparison sites, Finder will be offering comparisons on items like internet TV and cable, online lenders, etc.

Qapital, a personal finance app that is making saving money easy and fun. The app, which launched in March, allows users to set up savings goals, upload pictures to illustrate them, then designate specific actions — like posting on social media or walking a certain number of steps — that will trigger deposits toward those goals.

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