Friday, November 6, 2015

Amazing Apps: Babbel

Babbel, is a language learning app that helps users become conversational in any of its 14 different languages. I got a code to try it out, and as a language teacher, I'm happy to promote it. It's a good resource for any level of language learning, from absolute beginners to those who want to improve their current level of language. 

Obviously, being able to truly immerse yourself in a language is the best way to learn, and being able to surround yourself with a community of language speakers also helps. Barring that, though, there are some good apps out there that can really work to give you some language skills, and Babbel is one of them. Online or as an app, it makes language learning convenient. The price is a steal compared to language classes through organizations or schools - $6.95 to $12.95 a month, depending on subscription length. An hour of tutoring will run $30-60 or more depending on market. It's easy to use, and has a friendly interface, so it stays engaging and positive. If you're looking for a way to learn a language, this can be a great resource.

Babbel’s vision, that anyone can learn languages, has driven its success through high-quality, professionally curated courses from a team of education experts, authors and language teachers, combined with modern technology. Babbel, a market-leading app for online learning, makes it easy for independent learners to access 14 different languages, ranging from English to Indonesian, either from home or on the go, with a smartphone or tablet.

Babbel is led by founders Markus Witte (Chief Executive Officer) and Thomas Holl (President), along with Lorenz Heine (Chief Innovation Officer) and Markus Corallo (Chief Financial Officer). The company employs a team of more than 300 at its headquarters in Berlin. The service is available worldwide at and on iOS and Android mobile devices. Corresponding to the user's mother tongue, Babbel offers its courses in 7 "reference languages", which are used as the display language on the platform.  

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