Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Book Nook: You're Tearing Us Apart

With around half the marriages today ending in divorce, it's obvious many couples need help but don't know how to fix their problems. I recently had a chance to review a book that gets right to the heart of destructive habits that can wreak havoc on relationships. You're Tearing Us Apart; Twenty Ways We Wreck Our Relationships And Strategies To Repair Them is easy to use, with clearly titled chapters that make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. I like how each chapter begins with a clear message from one spouse to another about the ways that a habit is tearing the relationship apart.

Experience proves one person can destroy a relationship not two. A broken trust can be caused by just one person pushing the other too far. It can happen either by invading privacy, over criticizing, or even a drunken argument. But the good news is that while one person can indeed break the relationship apart, one person can also be the one to fix it. All it takes is three steps:

Step 1: Recognize the part of your behavior that undermines intimacy
Step 2: Replace harmful behaviors with healthy acts of love
Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2!

Pat Love, Ed.D, is a distinguished professor, author, trainer and long-standing licensed clinician. Her ever-popular books Hot Monogamy and The Truth About Love have taken her around the world and on numerous shows in the U.S., such as Oprah, The Today Show and CNN. Dr. Love is also a regular contributor to Psychology Today. http://www.patlove.com/

Kathleen McFadden is a writer, trainer, relationship coach, and co-founder of the Love Education™ certification program. Known for her authentic style, she has been a featured workshop presenter and speaker for national and international conferences. Her passion is applying research to develop new training programs that truly help change lives. She has co-developed programs including the New Hot Monogamy, Hot Monogamy Essentials, The Essence of Marriage, and the series Love—What Everyone Needs to Know. Kathleen and her husband of 21 years have one daughter.

Eva Berlander founded the education center, Swedish Imago Relationship Institute, with the long term goal of creating a better world - one individual, one couple, one therapist at a time. Eva has more than 25 years of experience as an educator, public lecturer, and couples therapist. She is the author of three books in Swedish, and You Can Make it Happen: How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships. She lives in Sweden with her husband, Sven, two sons, and their dog, Kiwa.

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