Monday, November 30, 2015

Consumer Critique: Gnoments

Gnoments is a new relationship-building tool to help you share and create special moments with the one you love. The gnomes are tiny little stuffed figures with magnetic hands that encourage playful interaction and thoughtfulness.

I had a chance to try out these gnomes, and they were fun for me to use - more so than for my husband. Although he really enjoyed getting the notes, he wasn't as good at sending them. They have pouches that can hold small objects or notes, for gnomes that are placed where both partners can see. For us, if he took one to his office, I could use the NFC tag to send messages that would be delivered when he got to his gnome. Messages can be videos, sound clips, texts, and more. There's also an easy way to set up the messages through the Gnomifications online site, using a Gnomitar avatar to do the same thing.

The Gnoments kit includes a boy and girl gnome, each with a special pouch for including notes, mementos, and gifts, along with an embedded NFC chip for high tech messages and a 32 page hard-covered, illustrated story book with ideas to get you started so you can begin making special moments today.

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