Saturday, November 7, 2015

Soul Sustenance: Patterns of Evidence - Exodus (Book)

I had previously reviewed the film Patterns of Evidence, but I recently also received the hardcover book to review. I strongly appreciated the movie, as I really value any time people look for evidence of the historical events in the bible.

The book was made to accompany the film, sort of a written record of what the documentary holds. I actually prefer the book, because it's easier for me to re-read than to go back and re-listen to parts. It's clear, evidence-based, and lays out a lot of the archaeological findings that came about after researching the Exodus story. The illustrations and graphics in the book are very helpful, and the writing is at a level that is academic and serious, yet accessible without being condescending. It makes a great companion to the film, or even as a standalone book for anyone interested in Biblical archaeology.

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