Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Book Nook: How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Sh*t

Dark River, an imprint of the UK-based publishing company Bennion Kearny, is pleased to announce the upcoming worldwide release of the debut book from top parenting blogger Eeh Bah Mum / Kirsty Smith - How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Sh*t.

I got to review this book, which would work for new and expectant mothers with an irreverent sense of humor, but also was appealing to me as an experienced mother, looking back and remember some of the not-so-fond memories of that time. It has practical advice for the mom with an edge, and touches on playgroups, parenting partners, choosing daycare, moving, friends, money, and more.

In her career as a TV Producer working in magic & comedy Kirsty Smith introduced Russell Brand to an erotic lady wrestler, locked two presenters in a cage with 60 chickens for a week, and was made to magically appear dressed as a Morris Dancer from a giant pair of underpants. Now at home with two small children life is almost exactly the same but even funnier and with added rice cakes. She blogs at and has been featured across the web on many sites including Mumsnet and The Huffington Post.

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