Monday, December 14, 2015

Book Nook: There's Certainly a Santa

In an effort to arm parents with a valid response to the age-old question, “Is there really a Santa?,” a brother and sister duo are pleased to announce the release of their debut children’s book, There’s Certainly a Santa, a modern Christmas story and parental tool that equips moms and dads with the words needed to navigate this complicated conversation, while also creating a new Christmas tradition for the age-old question.

Chelsea Rippy, the founder and former CEO of Shade Clothing, was a young parent in the headlights, facing this same sticky situation, until the day she realized she had been approaching the Santa secret all wrong.  “For the sake of the season and their innocence, I would assure them there is [a Santa],” explains Rippy about her past parental approach. “But there was always that uneasy feeling, knowing that one day they would learn the truth from someone else and the magic would be lost.”

With an idea in her head and vision in her heart, she approached her younger brother, Tyler Stenson, an award-winning songwriter from Portland, OR, to see if he was interested in putting her concept into compelling words.

I did like this book's take on the question. It's better than outright lies, and better than spilling the beans and risking younger siblings finding out while they still believe the magic. We don't do Santa in our house, but it's also fun to read even from a non-Santa perspective, to encourage kids to look for the possibilities and magic and hope of Christmas. 

There’s Certainly a Santa is a modern Christmas children’s book created by Chelsea Rippy, written by Tyler Stenson, illustrated by Rafael Scott Fuhriman and published by Elegant Folk Publishing. Providing a new Christmas tradition for an age-old question, the children’s book and parental tool is now available for pre-order at

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