Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Caring Causes: Hauttlybox

Eager to help eliminate hunger, Smith has launched a new company called HAUTTLYBOX just in time for the Holiday’s. HAUTLLYBOX is a subscription service that delivers Men highly crafted jewelry designs each month at an amazingly low price of $ 39.95 for 2-3 exquisite must have pieces “Each piece must meet our standards of great designs & high quality craftsmanship,  we want you to look forward to your HAUTLLYBOX each month,” stated Smith.
Feeding America is a network of food banks leading the fight against hunger in communities nationwide. It serves approximately 46.5 million Americans in need annually. Here alone in the United States, one in six people go hungry every day.
“That’s why we developed the HAUTTLYBOX brand to address the growing concern over the U.S    shortages in our nation’s food banks,” stated Smith.  A percentage of your purchase will help those in need to feed themselves.”
According to Smith, HAUTLLYBOX will offer top-quality products that make customers happy after every purchase yet warm and fuzzy by making a difference.
“It feels rewarding to be able to help those less fortunate,” Smith stated. “I see HAUTLLYBOX as a global brand in five years. Repeating our success here in other countries helping fund local causes there from sales in their country.” According to a recent Wallstreet Journal report men are increasingly looking to accessorize, and HAUTLLYBOX plans to play a major role.  First HAUTLLYBOXES ship mid December so get yours now!
To learn more about HAUTLLYBOX, visit the company’s website
ABOUT CEO VINCENT SMITH: Vincent Smith is a pharmacist based in Miami, Florida. Last year, he successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for the now popular POPSCOPE, a product that makes taking selfies a piece of cake.  HAUTLLYBOX is the next product from Circle Products Inc.

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