Thursday, December 17, 2015

Consumer Critique: Sugar Bowl Bakery

Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Madeleines and Organic Brownie Bites are great little treats. The Madeleines are made with 100% butter and have a sweet (but not too sweet) buttery flavor in a lightly crunchy cookie. The Organic Brownie Bites are just 90 calories each, and made with organic ingredients.

I had a chance to try out both cookies and they were both very tasty. I prefer brownies, and these are a great texture - fudgy, not cakey, and easy to pack to take along for a little treat at lunch. The Madeleines were also good, perfect for someone who wants a little treat but doesn't have a huge sweet tooth.

The cookies are free of preservatives and trans-fat, and can be found at retailers nationwide
like Costco, Safeway, World Market, Walgreens, and more.

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