Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fun Freetime: December Story Monsters Ink

A young boy who used to adore Christmas, now has a heart full of doubt. As he lay quietly in his bed, he suddenly hears the roar of a train whistle. To his astonishment, he finds the train outside waiting for him. The conductor tells him the train is called the Polar Express and is heading to the North Pole. Thirty years later, children all over the world lay quietly in their beds on Christmas Eve, hoping to catch a ride on that magical train. In this issue, meet Chris Van Allsburg, the author who inspired all of us to believe.

Also featured in this issue: Laurel MacQuarrie, Jennifer Bisignano, Donna McDine, Tolya Thompson, Libby J. Atwater, and so much more!

Happy holidays from all of us at Five Star Publications, Inc.

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