Monday, December 14, 2015

Pet Pointers: The Benefits Automatic Cat Food Feeders Bring (Guest Post)

People with pets still have to deal with the schedule of work, home life and much more. If you have pets, they are going to need to be taken care of, even if you have plans. You can’t just leave them alone and not feed or care for them. This is especially true for cats. While you can manage to avoid a lot of the same issues that you would have with a dog, cats still need helping hands. One option that can make things a bit easier is to look into cat food feeders. These are automated options that can help make feeding your feline friend a bit easier.
Picking Out A Feeder
First and foremost, there are several ways to look at this option. At first glance, you’re going to see that there are manual options. These are options that have a big reservoir where you put a lot of food, and then set it. As your cat eats the food, a little more comes through the reservoir and into a bowl. It’s simple. This a no-nonsense option that you can easily configure for natural, easy going feeding. This is perfect for dry food, and will not require much effort. Just keep it full of food, and it can last months.
If that’s not “tech” enough for you, then look into picking out a mechanical option. There are some solutions that combine the aforementioned, with technology. You can set a timer for when food is released. This is perfect for cats that need to be on a diet. If your cat ever gets obese, this will control when and how much they are fed. In time, they will be trained to hang out by the feeder to release food on a schedule time frame. This is a cool solution that can bring about great benefits.
Benefits Abound
The first clear benefit that comes through with automatic cat food feeders is simple, you don’t have to worry about feeding your pet. You have peace of mind. You can go to work, come home, kick back, and know that your cat is fed and there is food in their bowl. As long as you look at it every now and again and refill the reservoir, you will not have to worry about feeding.
This option saves you money. You won’t have to buy little bags of food as often, as you’ll be able to denote how much you have, and be able to fill up the reservoirs once and forget them. Your cat won’t even know the difference between this methodology and others, unless you have a timer. They’ll get used to them with ease, though. It saves money, simple as that.
Combined with an automatic litter box, this can automate your cat’s life. Imagine going out for the weekend and knowing that your cat’s litter box is being cleaned, their food is automatically coming out, and their water is taken care of as well. Simply put, this creates a somewhat easy way to manage cats in your home. Even when you’re gone, they’ll have food, water, and litter box cleaning all rolled up automatically.

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