Saturday, December 12, 2015

Shopping Savings: LumiLIFE

LumiLIFE, the World’s very first wireless-powered smart aquarium, just launched on Indiegogo. You can take advantage of the early backer discounts, with prices as low as 48% off MSRP!
LumiLIFE is truly a unique product! Take a look at some of its features:
  • Maintenance Free: You never have to worry about changing the water, cleaning the tank or tending to any other chores that come with having a traditional pet fish.
  • Stunning Decor: You can use the aquarium to decorate or enhance any space. The tank contains a lively display of custom, dynamic colors and a swimming robotic fish.
  • Mobile App: The iOS and Android compatible app provides additional color lighting combinations and a fun, electronic pet feeding game via Bluetooth technology.
  • Wireless Technology: The robotic fish are wirelessly powered from the tank base; no battery or charge is required. You can even tap the tank and watch your fish respond!
  • World Renowned: We (SPHERE Corporation, the makers of LumiLIFE Aquarium) were awarded a Guinness World Record for our representation of the first wireless-powered aquatic toy on July 15, 2014.
You can pre-order your very own LumiLIFE Aquarium starting today on Indiegogo for $129, which is 48% off of the MSRP. To learn more about LumiLIFE, visit

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