Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Website Spotlight: Direct Eats

Direct Eats recently launched their new online specialty food marketplace for food lovers of all kind. Direct Eats is a unique food shopping experience with direct accessibility to the very best food and food "makers" across the country, including small batch purveyors and specialty food items. Direct Eats offers the lowest pricing for the items - will price match if a customer can find it cheaper anywhere else -- and free shipping for any size purchase.
With the growing trend of consumers looking to live a specific type of dietary lifestyle, be it paleo, gluten free, vegan, organic, etc., and a $110 billion dollar market, growing 10-15% year-over-year, Direct Eats is answering a strong consumer demand. The site gives users access to over 25,000 products, making it the only nationwide online specialty food marketplace.

Consumers can choose from delicious pantry-sized food that will be delivered to their door for the lowest prices in the market, with free shipping and no membership fees. Direct Eats allows the customer to search for food by product, region, or diet. The website includes sections specific to:
· Organic
· Paleo
· Vegan
· Gluten free
· Sugar free
· Kosher
· Lactose free
· Nut free
· Low Carb
· Nitrate Free
· GMO Free

Direct Eats is making grocery shopping a simple and enjoyable experience for the health-conscious and those short on time.

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