Friday, January 29, 2016

Achieving a Richer Lather for Face Shaving

Shaving creams, gels and soaps are designed to help men and women have a smoother shaving experience. Many shaving creams and gels contain fragrance that can be overpowering. When fragrance is used in a bar soap, it is less intense, making your shaving experience more pleasant. Achieving a rich lather that stays put is something that many men and women struggle with too. Part of achieving that rich lather is making sure that your skin is warm before applying the shaving product.
Richer Lather
Soap has a rich lather that does not lose its viscosity as it sits on your face. It also tends to stay in place, rather than slide down your face or legs like some creams and gels do as they are heavier products. The lightweight nature of the soap allows the water to react to it better, making a richer lather and smoother shaving experience with less cuts and scratches on your face, legs or other body parts.
Less Intense Fragrance
A shaving soap has a lighter fragrance than creams and gels. The fragrance in other products is often just too much and lingers in the bathroom for hours. The fragrance seeps into your skin as well, and your spouse may not appreciate the smell of the product. Scents like this are also likely to get "stuck" in your nose, and will be the only thing you smell for hours.
Less Harsh Ingredients
Ingredients in shaving soaps are typically less harsh than other shaving products. Many contain all-natural ingredients that help keep your skin healthy while providing a smooth shaving experience. These ingredients are also less likely to cause sludge formation in the plumbing in your home.
Cleaner Application Process
Applying shaving creams and gels makes a mess. Soaps are easier to manage and rinse off of your hands easily so that you can grip the razor's handle better. There is also little or no residue from soap left on your face. Some other shaving products tend to leave skin feeling sticky afterwards.
The richer the lather on your face, legs or other body parts while shaving results in a smoother and more comfortable shaving experience. The lather from soap still allows the skin to breathe while you shave while creams and gels can actually clog your pores. Bars of soap are made specifically for shaving, but can also be used as a general cleansing bar, so a shaving bar soap can perform double duty.

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