Monday, January 18, 2016

Amazing Apps: Tayasui Blocks

Tayasui BLOCKS is a new app available on the Apple App store for FREE. With Tayasui BLOCKS, children and their parents can push the boundaries of their imagination to create 3D objects and immerse themselves into a new virtual 3D construction game made of Blocks. More info can be found below.

The concept of Tayasui Blocks is simple and opens up a world of infinite possibilities. Users can align and stack cubes on a blank canvas to create any 3D object they can imagine. The interface features a 360° display system for total creative freedom. As with previous applications, Tayasui Blocks is also a forum, a community of users who share and interact.

Save your scenes in your library, share them with other Blockers, like your favourite block designs, and share your own on social networks Twitter, Facebook, and more. All it takes is a simple click.

And as a bonus, for those with a destructive instinct, Blocks provides an armory of crazy weapons to demolish your creation and start over fresh!

Tayasui in a few words : it’s a parisian company, six years of work, a dozen globally successful apps. Simple gameplay, colorful characters, and zany sound effects are the key ingredients of Tayasui’s light-hearted, magical world.

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