Monday, January 18, 2016

Book Nook: Alice in Central Park - Statues in Wonderland

There has never been a book about every statue in Central Park, until now! Author G.A. Mudge connects Alice in Wonderland with the park to create a lovable nostalgia for all readers in  Alice in Central Park - Statues in Wonderland.

I had a chance to review the book, and it is well-written. I can definitely see how it would be even more appealing to those who have been to or lived in New York, having a closer connection to Central Park. It's also amazing to think about all of the artwork in this massive public space, and the stories behind them.

The photography is clear, with a strong focus on the statues and very little to distract the eye from the art. The book follows the chronological order of the dedication of the statues, from 1859 to 2011. There are even suggested walks to take through the park, in order to see all of the statues. If I lived in NYC, that would definitely be a highlight of the book!

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