Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Book Nook: Between Black and White

Massage therapist and doctor of naprapathic medicine Tony Bethel believes in the power of family.
In his heart-warming memoir, “Between Black and White,” Bethel details his very blended family tree (past and present), emphasizing that while choosing to have a family is full challenges we see and surprises we don’t, our families give us the support and direction we need to live fulfilling lives.
Bethel also encourages others to find their own identities through learning about their families’ histories, and stresses the importance of passing this information to the next generation.
I had a chance to read the book. I'm always intrigued when reading memoirs at how very different of experiences we all have - and yet, they're all the same. Although I'm not from a blended family, I do find that I learn more about myself by looking at my relatives, and I'm intrigued by family history and relationships. It was well-written and enjoyable to read over Christmas break. 

About the author
Dr. Tony Bethel is a U.S. Navy veteran, massage therapist and doctor of naprapathic medicine, focusing on nutritional counseling, manual therapy and care of the developmentally disabled. He has written three books of poetry, including one with his son Brian titled “Father and Son: A Connection through Poetry.” Bethel is also a distant cousin of “Roots” and “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” author Alex Haley. For more information about his books, visit

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