Saturday, January 30, 2016

Book Nook: My First Comics

MY FIRST COMICS is the latest from siblings Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm, creators of BABYMOUSE and SQUISH. They recently turned their attention to introducing the graphic novel format to the littlest readers. In MY FIRST COMICS, the Holms are helping to teach children how to read—through pictures, of course!

MY FIRST COMICS is a board book series about feelings. Through simple paneled layouts and speech balloons, children can read about familiar emotions and learn how to handle them—and get an introduction to reading as they piece together visual elements and text.

I had a chance to review I'm Grumpy and I'm Sunny! The books are cute, easy to read, and a good way to start introducing emotional literacy and give kids a voice to describe their feelings. The comic-book style is engaging, with its focus on dialogue, and the illustrations are simple and bright, perfect for the earliest readers. The series is a great way to get your toddlers reading about their emotions.

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