Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mealtime Magic: Food Hacks for Kids

HUNGRY for more Star Wars?  Foodies and Star Wars fanatics unite for the premiere episode of “Food Hacks for Kids” on family-friendly lifestyle channel DreamWorksTV.  A spin-off of the popular series “Life Hacks for Kids,” this scrumptious series stars 11 year-old expert food hacker Shanynn, the queen of creative cuisine.  She teaches viewers how to make cupcakes cute, turn pretzels into light sabers, create incredible edible trees and more.  With all these tasty tricks, every kid will be in the mood for food.

In the premiere episode, Shanynn asks viewers to join the dark side with storm trooper marshmallow pops, channel their inner princess with Princess Leia Oreo cupcakes or grab their chocolate pretzel light saber and fight the ultimate battle between good and evil…food.

The food hacks force is strong with this one! Watch the premiere episode now and new episodes weekly on DreamWorksTV.


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