Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Parenting Pointers: How to Blast Booger Picking

As a mom or dad it can seem that every time you turn around in the car, your little ones have their fingers so far up their noses you are afraid they might get stuck. No matter how many times you tell them “no” they just continue and continue to dig for gold. If you feel like you have tried everything and are at your whits end, here are some helpful tips to stop the booger picking madness!
Hold a Booger Picking Intervention- Gather all the members of your family and calmly explain to your little one that booger picking is not an appetizing thing to witness. Explain to them that although many kids do it, it is not a good habit to have.
Break the Cycle- Chances are if your little one is digging for gold then they are developing a bad habit. Break the cycle! Begin a new habit by waking up and adding nose blowing to their morning hygiene schedule. A fun way to get them excited is by buying fun products. Boogie Wipes are great wipes to use on little ones; they have fun smells like grape and are super gentle saline wipes that won’t irritate sensitive little noses.
Keep Their Hands Busy- Breaking a habit takes time and distractions. If your child picks his or her nose while riding in the car, begin by introducing new tasks he or she can do. Hand your child a tissue every time you see her put her finger in her nose. Chances are she'll get so frustrated with having to wipe her nose every time you catch her picking she'll turn to the tissues more often instead.
Check that thing out- Take a look at your kid’s nose, if it is red and itchy no wonder he runs for the hills at the site of a Kleenex. Invest in some nasal TLC products that will get his little honker up and running. Run a humidifier in your home or in your child’s bedroom. If your child’s nose itches, he might be picking it at to relieve the itching. A humidifier increases the moisture in the air, which can help with the dryness in his nose.
If All Else Fails- Take charge and keep your kid’s nose clean. Use a suction bulb, tissue or saline nasal spray like Boogie Mist to remove boogers and crust. When nothing's in their nose to pick out hopefully your kids will get the hint and move on. Plus, they will hate being treated like an infant and will begin to want to take on cleaning their own noses properly.

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