Thursday, February 18, 2016

Book Nook: Wild Notes

The short story book, Wild Notes, chronicles several years worth of daily observations written in a logbook style by a regular guy who happens to be a bird watcher, among other things. Each one-page passage takes you on a new bird watching adventure that can leave you on edge, at peace, with a smile on your face, or even lost in thought.

I had a chance to review the book, and it was fun to read - even though I'm not an avid birder. It inspired me to pay more attention to the birds in our garden and nearby park. It also made a very nice relaxing read at the end of the night, a good way to calm my mind with a relatively stress-free bird observation. Even though the book isn't specifically intended for that purpose, that's when I found it most fun to read. It's a great gift for anyone who enjoys birds or nature.

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