Friday, February 19, 2016

Consumer Critique: Serenity Goat Milk Soap

Serenity Acres’ happy, honest homemade fresh goat’s milk soaps are bars of “happy soaps from happy goats.” Serenity Acres Farm creates an environment to keep their goats happy and excited to be milked every day.  These soaps are lovingly crafted with fresh goat’s milk in every bar, free of chemicals, artificial dyes, preservatives or alcohols.

Serenity Acres Farm founder Julia Shewchuk, with the loving support of her husband Wayne, has herded into her soap the gentle, known benefits of nutrient-rich goat’s milk, simply mixed with premium essential oils that leaves skin feeling clean and soft. Goat’s milk’s ph balance is so close to our own skin that the soaps moisturize without stripping away essential oils.

The farm is Animal Welfare Approved Certified and is committed to making the best goat’s milk soap on the market. They do their best to reduce their “hoofprint on Earth.” Packaging is eco-responsible using recycled content, soy inks and no glues or plastics.

I had a chance to review the soaps, and I really like them. The scent is lovely, without being too strong, and the packaging is very cute and well-designed. The soaps work quite well, better than most other bar soaps I've tried, and my skin really felt good after using them.

To keep up with the Goats, follow them on social media & and if you’d like to get to know them better visit or better yet, schedule a tour.

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