Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Consumer Critique: Vuka Natural Energy Drinks

Are you a busy mom or dad, active in physical fitness, or avid user of energy drinks? Vuka Natural Energy Drinks are great for anyone who wants to recharge and "wake up" their body and mind the natural way rather than a chemical concoction. Vuka can be found at regional Whole Foods and Sprouts (to name a few retails stores-you can find more stores here; Vuka is sold for under $3) and can be bought online at Vuka.com.  
Meet the Founders of Vuka Natural Energy Drinks--Darian and Alexia Bregman, (Vuka.com ; headquarters in San Diego, CA), who grew up in South Africa, hence the origin of the name Vuka: "wake up" in Zulu.  When they started learning about the energy drink market, they had a kind of "wake up" call noticing all the chemicals, preservatives and harmful aspects in the energy drink sector.  So they decided to create a range of energy drinks that cater to different occasions, filled with nutrients and vitamins to help you get the right kind of energy for those events. They made Vuka with natural ingredients, no preservatives, and flavors that taste like the real drinks they are, not some kind of unnatural chemical concoction. Vuka Natural Energy Drinks is among the natural shelf stable functional is #13 nationally, which is a huge deal for a small company of only 6 employees. Vuka Natural Energy Drinks has four flavors to chose from including: Workout (Berry Lemonade), Workout Zero (Berry Lemondade; zero calorie), Think (Pomegranate Lychee) and  Renew (Mango Peach)--you can find all the flavors and ingredients by clicking here.
I had a chance to try out the drinks, and I'm happier to use these than some of the crazy ingredients found in other drinks. The flavor was better than other energy drinks too - they actually tasted real, like juice, instead of like something else.

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