Saturday, February 13, 2016

Giveaway: BYOU Magazine

Girls in today's society get so many different messages about their bodies and personalities, who they are, and who they should be. As the mother of two girls, and someone who struggled with self-image, I'm sensitive to making sure my girls hear a balanced message of encouragement and inspiration. Many teen magazines clearly push agendas like certain ways to act or look, often focused on boys, and that's not something I want my girls to focus on, even when they're older.

BYOU Magazine wants to change that. Be Your Own You encourages girls to be unique, and while there are articles that encourage self-improvement, they have a positive tone. The magazine has many of the features found in other teen magazines, like quizzes, but the focus is on positive character aspects, like generosity. Much of the New Year, New You issue for January (which I got to review for this post) highlighted being grateful, and the beauty tip was about receiving compliments graciously (which seems like a no-brainer, but is actually hard - think about how you respond to a compliment next time you get one).

The magazine is targeted to girls ages 7-15, and my 8-year-old loved it, but the information in the magazine was, quite honestly, even refreshing for me to read! I really enjoyed the stories of inspiring women and girls in the magazine, showing other girls that anyone can have a positive impact.

I have a chance to give away a one-year print and digital subscription. To enter, leave a comment with how you inspire the young women in your life. Deadline is February 19th.


  1. My 9 year old daughter is the young lady that I strive to inspire. She was born with pneumonia and developed severe respiratory issues as a result. I have tried to inspire her to not let anything stop her from achieving her goals. Recently, my daughter was chosen to join a competitive gymnastics team and continues to reach for her dreams. I tried to be an inspiration to her but in reality SHE is an inspiration to me!

  2. I know it's too late but I also see no one commented. So if there is still a chance to win this magazine for one year, I'll take it. :) I tell my daughters every day they are beautiful both inside and out. I didn't get that from my parents growing up at all and I personally feel it was a big reason why I had so many self esteem issues.