Saturday, February 13, 2016

Time Tidbits: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

With the day of love just around the corner people are beginning to stress out about what to get loved ones. For those out of V-day ideas, here are some sweet tips from OK SWEETHEART's Erin Austin on what to buy your favorite person this Valentine's Day:

1. Experience something new and meaningful
Do something you’ve been meaning to do together. Go play mini-golf or to in indoor water theme park, check out an exhibit and a museum, go to a comedy show, head out on a hike or snowshoe around a park

OR Do something you’ve been meaning to do together. Go to the latest exhibit at a museum, take a plane trip or helicopter ride to see your city from a new point of view, go skiing and sip cocktails at your favorite lodge, take a romantic stroll through a botanical garden or drive to a state park and explore. Whether you're on a budget or splurging, experiencing something new together will create priceless memories

2. You learn a lot just by looking around
Stressing about finding the perfect gift they’ll never expect? Relax. To love them is to really know them and their likes, so get a gift they’ll actually use. Have an artist in your life? Get them those art supplies they’d never splurge on. A reader? Find a vintage copy of their favorite book. Are they using a hair tie as a wallet? (Yes, my boyfriend actually did this) Get them a fancy new money clip with their initials on it. They will appreciate that you pay attention to them and their routines. And you won’t have to look at that hair tie wallet anymore.

3. Treat yourselves!
(General) Does your other like a fresh cut and a shave? Find an old-school barber that will do the whole towel service deal with a straight razor. Maybe a Chinese foot massage? Find an old school co-ed bathhouse where you can hang together. Go for a float in one of those pod things … I’ve done it, it’s fun. 

4. Tour de Grub
(General) Spend the whole day casually enjoying and exploring your favorite food in your city. Pick your favorite foods and find out what restaurants in town make that one thing the best. Then go from place to place eating your favorite things together! If you live in a place with few restaurants, why not explore cooking your favorite things? If you’re convincing someone who’s not good at cooking, but is always the one volunteering to make the fire, tell them when you make creme brûlée, you get to use a blow torch. It’s a blast!

 OK SWEETHEART is pop songstress Erin Austin, business woman, artist and television's newest "go to" girl! Her songs are currently played in multiple hit tv series Including  CW's One Tree Hill, ABC's drama Revenge and most recently Royal Pains. Her new single "We're In This Together"  will be heard on the TV show Recovery Road on Monday, February 15th. Meanwhile  "We've Got Lovewill  will be featured on February 14th on the new Zales commercial.  CLICK HERE OK Sweetheart's TV hit, "Home."

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