Thursday, March 24, 2016

Amazing Apps: Zip, the Question Answer App

Originally created as a way to settle friendly discussions by enlisting the anonymous opinions of others, Zip, the Question Answer App, has quickly become the go-to app for general advice as well!

When stuck with a tricky decision and wondering the best solution, Zip users are asking for opinions on just about every life situation! Because it's anonymous, users are feeling empowered to ask anything as well as give truthful answers back to questions posted by other users. 

The types of questions can range from fun and zany to philosophical and newsworthy with the option to customize the feed to only receive topics of interest. 

The process is simple: 

1. Users can enter a question for other users to give their opinion. 

2. Or, have fun giving their opinion by swiping through questions posted by other users!

Available for free in the App Store for IOS and the Google Play Store for Android, Zip has quickly become the go-to solution to settle friendly discussions by easily gathering anonymous responses from fellow users as well as a whole lot of fun to give others an opinion!

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