Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Nook: The Humanist Society

Throughout history, human society has seen politically powerful civilizations fall, while perceived weaker civilizations come into power. In his new book, “The Humanist Society: The Social Blueprint for Self-Actualization,” author Joseph Sassoon explores the reason behind the rise and fall of such powerful societies. 

I had a chance to read the book, in which  Sassoon emphasizes the right for every citizen all over the world to active self-actualization. Springing from the foundation of well-known thinkers such as Kurt Goldstein and Abraham Maslow, and moving on to create his own social blueprint for achieving one’s highest potential, he shows the benefits society reaps when its citizens fulfill their talents.

It was an interesting book, one that's accessible by those who haven't studied self-actualization and related topics previously, but also encouraging further learning for those who have. It weaves together individual self-actualization with the greater good of society, arguing that when each person can achieve self-actualization, society will be in the best position it can be.

About the author
Joseph Sassoon earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Long Island University and is a retired real estate developer. Sassoon is also the author of “Self Actualization: Theory and Technology.” He resides in Montreal with his wife and two children.

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