Saturday, March 26, 2016

Caring Causes: Crayon Collection

On National Crayon Day, March 31st, Crayon Collection along with MomAngeles and LA Mom Magazine will host a community bake sale and crayon drive at Brentwood Gardens from 3 to 5 p.m. Children and their parents can stop by after school to donate gently used crayons, draw, and experience a relatable lesson about recycling and helping other children. The event will also feature coloring activities with the artist of the Coloring Book of Affirmations @heygreatjob, Ben Marazzi. "I'm thrilled to share the joys of creativity with local kids on National Crayon Day," said Marazzi "This creative crayon drive is a fantastic teachable moment too, as being mindful of our environment is crucial to their future."

Each year billions of crayons are produced leaving behind mountains of non-biodegradable paraffin wax in landfills. The nonprofit, Crayon Collection, collects crayons that would have otherwise been thrown out and redistributes them to more than 1000 Title 1 Schools and Head Start Centers across the country. All of the crayons collected on March 31st in Brentwood will be donated to Lincoln Primary Elementary School in Compton.

The Crayon Collection was founded by Los Angeles mom, Sheila Morovati, after she noticed all the quality crayons her children left at restaurants. "No child should have to attend school without the most basic of supplies," said Morovati. "We really need the help of other conscious families to support our outreach to those in need." Denny's Restaurants recently partnered with Crayon Collection and is now donating crayons their diners leave behind.

The event in Los Angeles is part of the Crayon Collection's Epic National Crayon Drive and Bake Sale. Children, parents, and teachers across the country will be collecting in their communities on National Crayon Day either by hosting events or by fundraising online with their own Crayon Collection Fundraising Website.

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