Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fun Freetime: Tullys

TULLYS is a new brand for children that combines entertainment with social consciousness for a better world and is launching their Kickstarter here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/283443545/tullys?ref=email
TULLYS approaches children’s entertainment in the same way children approach playtime – creatively, while parents are valuing its content.  The bold idea is already in production, with a holistic offering of fun videos, healthy snacks, books, toys that communicate human universal values and respect for the planet.  Snacks contain organic pronounceable ingredients. Fair Trade wages are paid to local artisans for the toys, and renewable resources are used in manufacture them.  Human values are communicated in the illustrated children’s books and positive attitudes are taught in the short animated videos. TULLYS exists to make a positive difference in children’s entertainment and in our world.


A Kickstarter campaign that started Tuesday February 23, 2016 seeks to raise $100,000 in 40 days for funds needed to produce and distribute TULLYS products. 

TULLYS BRAND consists of different areas already in development:


ANIMATED SHORT VIDEOS that promote positive attitudes and simple wisdom. 

ILLUSTRATED CHILDREN'S BOOKS that remind us about the importance of Human values as useful tools to create successful, healthy and happy lives!

TULLYS TOYS hand-crafted with natural recycled materials that respect fair trade commerce intended to promote concentration, creativity, fun and to be kept for years.

TULLYS HEALTHY SNACKS that will use only natural pronounceable ingredients aiming to be deliciously healthy.

Other TULLY brand extensions are planned including TULLY MOVIE in 2016.

The international team behind TULLYS has extensive experience in each of the product areas to maintain quality and to properly supervise operations and budget.  The company was founded by Bibiana Domit, an artist, producer and mother based in Miami.  The team is currently researching potential strategic partners in digital, retail, toys, books and grocery to develop distribution for their various products.

To learn more visit www.tullys.tv

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