Saturday, March 26, 2016

Parenting Pointers: Tips on Inspiring Kids from Author Jody Mackey

The Sally Loves… series will inspire kids to live the life they dream of. There’s no reason kids should ever feel restricted or forced to think a certain way. As they grow, they are free to pursue all the fun activities they want. Those fun activities may someday turn into their careers. You never know what they’re capable of and that’s part of the beauty! Sally Loves… allows kids to explore their inner desires and dig deep for confidence. I had a chance to interview author/illustrator of Sally Loves... and founder of Champ Youth Jody Mackey for tips on kids and self-esteem.

What was the inspiration behind creating the series? My books are definitely a labor of Love—they are my stories, my life. 

Why is it important to focus on activities kids enjoy? Physical activity is a corner stone to future health, and self-confidence. Young girls don't always have a mentor or even encouragement to pursue sports or physical activities—Sally is the perfect role model.  She is a kid, just like her readers, she shows kids, that if you love to do something, even if you have to work hard at it, the rewards are well, pretty amazing!

How can books help improve self-confidence? There is nothing better than believing in yourself. Sally sets the stage for young girls, she reminds us that not much comes easy—if you work hard, and put your whole heart into it, you can make your own dreams come true. 

What else can parents do to encourage healthy self-esteem? I was encouraged by my mom to try new activities and sports while I was growing up. But more importantly every activity was treated with high regard. I was never allowed to start an activity and not follow through. I was encouraged to have fun, and yet, work as hard as I could. So often new activities are hard at first, and there will be some level of failure. Children need encouragement to continue to learn and work on new skills. Allowing children to easily quit will only make it easier for them to quit in the future.

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