Tuesday, March 22, 2016

World Wisdom: Consumed, the Movie

From filmmaker Daryl Wein (Breaking Upwards), Consumed, a dramatic thriller in the vein of "Erin Brockovich" explores the complex world of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This is the first narrative feature film (not a documentary) to delve into these hot-button issues in an entertaining fictional landscape. The story is anchored by a working-class, single mother (Zoe Lister-Jones) on a hunt to uncover the cause of her son's mysterious illness. Interwoven are the stories of an Organic farmer, the CEO of a biotechnology corporation (Victor Garber), and two Scientists (Anthony Edwards & Kunal Nayyar) on the verge of a major discovery.

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  1. I was pitched from the PR company promoting this film too. But I passed on it. Have a terrific Tuesday.