Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Amazing Apps: Punkpost

With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th and wedding season among us, the average person is busy! While you have good intentions to write that invitation or handwritten note, sometimes you don't have time to take on all the steps that are involved. Meet Punkpost. Punkpost puts the boutique card experience in people's pockets so they can send cards when they want to, on demand, without feel stressed about finding the time to do it or guilty when they slip up and don't do it. 

The personalized greeting card app, makes it incredibly easy to send a unique handwritten card straight from your smartphone. The process is seamless: Pick your card, type your message, and add necessary specifics like a delivery date and whether your note should include glitter (yes, glitter); the team behind Punkpost takes care of the rest. Punkpost recently added new features that include 3D Touch, Facebook integration, a new checkout experience, cards organized by occasion, a section for upcoming events, and more. This has improved the app, as it’s now easier to find an appropriate card, as well as see when you may need to mail a card – like for a friend’s birthday, for example.

Punkpost employs a community of artists and writers to give its cards a more boutique feel. These designs aren’t your standard Hallmark greetings, at all – its artists have done work for Tory Burch, Kate Spade, GQ, and Vanity Fair, the company touts. However, unlike most greeting card apps, Punkpost’s writers actuallyhandwrite your message, and they’ll send you a photo of the finished product. You can also schedule your cards for up to a year in advance, while taking advantage of the send 9 cards, get the 10th one free option. The cards are mailed on thick, 100% cotton paper, and most designs are hand-pressed.

Features include:
  • Real handwriting: Your post will have the irreplaceable charm of a writer’s penmanship.
  • Unique card collections: Talented artists bring you stylish letterpress cards for any occasion.
  • Confetti and Photos: Add fun extras to your post.
  • Super easy contacts: Allow you to stay up to date with your pals’ latest contact information.
  • Get birthday reminders: Send birthday cards perfectly on time.
  • Track your posts: Reminisce about Punkposts you’ve sent and received.
Additionally, the app lets you add photos to cards, or even fill the envelope with confetti. And with a feature like glitter, you can definitely get away with pretending you sent the card yourself.
The app is a free download on iPhone. Your first post is on the house, which allows you to test it out commitment-free. After that, each post is $6 and includes a handwritten message, stamp, envelope, and personal drop-off at the nearest post office. International cards include an extra $1 fee.
About the founders
Alexis Monson and Santiago Prieto, the founders and husband and wife duo behind Punkpost. Two years ago Santiago and Alexis left their prestigious jobs at IDEO and Brit+Co and embarked on a mission of helping people send cards with the ease and speed of text messages. They’ve noticed that in the world of social networks and instant messaging people are still longing for that human touch and real connection and thought of a great app idea that would make sending thoughtful handwritten messages really effortless. However, in order to grow Punkpost from an app idea to a real business that launched in the summer of 2015 these Millennial entrepreneurs had to learn skills that span a century — from the art of letterpress print to coding to beautiful lettering and card design.


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