Saturday, April 30, 2016

Book Nook: The Devil to Pay

The Devil to Pay by Ted Dunphy,explores how a community of good people, attempting to do the right thing, fail to see the evil growing among them, while some of them deliberately cover it up. It begins in 1930s Ireland, a time of dominance of the Catholic Church. Six Irish boys are trying to break free from this dominance, and they deal with abusive adults determined to bring them in line. One is murdered, and fifty years later, his friends are still struggling to bring someone to justice.

It's a book that helps bring to light why people can look the other way, or make grave mistakes while trying to have a good goal in mind. In the end, the author shows that love hope, and humor are the best recourse for a strong future.

After a lifetime involved in teaching, training and consulting, Ted Dunphy now turns those wickedly sharp observational skills to work explaining human behavior in his fiction. He holds an MA in Creative Writing from Warwick University. An experienced life and business coach, he is co-creator of the unique Coaching Plus program and an accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence (EI). He is also an NLP Master Practitioner, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and a psychometrics and leadership profiler.

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