Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Nook: The Golden Princess

I love how many princess stories nowadays deviate from the "boy saves girl and falls in love" formula. I had a chance to review another new princess story, "The Golden Princess," by L.R. Garner. His main character, Alice, was written with growth in mind, following her journey from age eight and on through college years. The novel was written in a unique way, with letters he wrote to relatives containing pieces of the story, which eventually formed into the novel. My own eight-year-old enjoyed reading it, even though the character ended much older than she is now. I found it a good book for anyone who is going through a growing up phase right now.

About the author
L.R. Garner is a New Zealand Army veteran, serving in Borneo and Vietnam. For his final posting in the army, Garner served as the Director of Defense Movement and a Transport Member of the National Civil Defense Committee. He is the Genealogical Secretary of the New Zealand Branch of the Jardine Clan Society.

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