Saturday, April 30, 2016

Consumer Critique: Bittylab Bottle

Priska Diaz came here at 17 from Peru, legally, not knowing a word of English. She worked three jobs to put herself through college, and then a Masters Program at Pratt.

When she had her first child she was told to bottle feed. Her infant so became colicky, she spent years redesigning the baby bottle, using the principle of a syringe so there is not a drop of air inside, and a patented nipple to avoid breast confusion. The result? A million sold, and they are just hitting Babies R Us this month.

Her bottle can help reduce infant/childhood obesity, help take the stress out of parenting, reduce acid reflux...etc. 

You can learn more at the bittylab website. I had a chance to check out the bottle, and it does seem uniquely designed. My children no longer bottle feed, but I was able to share it with a friend who really liked it for her baby. If you're struggling with bottle feeding, it might be worth checking out a different design!

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