Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Website Spotlight: Pregnant@Work houses original content created by experts at the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California Hastings College of the Law and the advocacy group A Better Balance. It offers help for women navigating the experience of being pregnant while working, such as how and when to share their happy news with their bosses. It also provides information about what types of support pregnant women can expect to receive in the workplace to help them maintain a healthy pregnancy while on the job.
While many women are able to continue working as normal throughout their pregnancies, many others require modifications to their jobs that allow them to maintain a healthy pregnancy. These temporary workplace adjustments are typically minor and cost employers very little or nothing at all. For example, a pregnant woman’s doctor might tell her to obtain assistance with heavy lifting, to take snack breaks, or to carry a water bottle to avoid dehydration. The website provides information for pregnant women about their legal rights and practical advice on how to get what they need at work.
Unfortunately, sometimes the notes doctors write to employers seeking accommodations for their pregnant patients have the unintended consequence of causing their patients to be put on unpaid leave, or even to lose their jobs altogether. To address this challenge, the site also includes state-specific tools to help doctors write effective notes on behalf of their patients.
With about 70% of American mothers with children under age 18 working outside the home, the majority of families rely on a paycheck from mom. Pregnant@Work has tools for expectant mothers, their doctors, and employers that will help to keep women on the job and healthy during pregnancy. ABB’s Babygate webpage provides further state-by-state information for pregnant women and new parents about their legal rights, including breastfeeding and family leave.

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