Thursday, May 26, 2016

Amazing Apps: FilmoraGo

Parents are always shooting videos of their children on their mobile devices. Whether at a Little League game, a school play, in the living room with the kids dancing, on vacation or out for a weekend of fun, parents want to capture the moments of their children growing up.
With all of those videos stored on their devices, many parents want to make sure that the videos look as good as possible, but they simply don’t know that there are easy-to-use and free solutions to make those homemade videos look like they were shot by a pro.  Now there is a simple, app-based solution make those videos more creative, stylish and better looking – FilmoraGo.
FilmoraGo debuted as an invitation-only private beta app earlier this year and is now open to everyone to use on all iOS devices. The Filmora video editor (for PCs and Mac) already has almost 4 million users worldwide and enables both semi-professional and amateur video makers to express their creativity and produce beautiful videos, irrespective of platform. 
The new app brings all of the power of the desktop version to mobile devices and is one of the most powerful video editors available for mobile. Even if a parent isn’t “tech savvy,” FilmoraGo is simple to use and will produce amazing results!

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