Saturday, May 7, 2016

MSP Amenities for Family Travel

With the busy summer travel season quickly approaching, here are a few tips from Phoebe Larson of the Metropolitan Airports Commission.
·         Quick Ride Ramp at Terminal 1
Located a mere mile from Terminal 1, off of Highway 5 at the Post Road exit, the Quick Ride Ramp is the fastest, most convenient and least expensive way to park at the airport if you’re departing from Terminal 1─Lindbergh. The daily maximum charge is just $14 compared to $24 for Terminal 1 General Parking.
When you park in the Quick Ride Ramp, a free, 24/7 shuttle picks you up at your vehicle and drops you back off upon your return. The ride takes approximately 5 minutes door to door. Best of all, you don’t have to haul your luggage or remember where you parked.
·         Lactation & Nursing Mothers’ Rooms
MSP currently offers two lactation rooms at Terminal 1─Lindbergh, near Gate F2 and near Gate C13. Secure and sanitary, these rooms feature a deep sink, electrical outlets, soft lighting and comfortable seating. Terminal 2-Humphrey will also have a lactation room come this fall.
Our semi-private nursing mothers’ room, located near the entrance to Concourse E, includes a changing table, sink, mirrors, a couch and a rocking chair. Our private nursing mothers’ room, located on Concourse C, offers the same amenities, minus the sink.
·         Children’s Play Area
Get the wiggles out at our children’s play areas located on Concourse C at Terminal 1─Lindbergh and across from Gate H6 at Terminal 2─Humphrey. Each play area features a mock airplane and air traffic control tower (complete with slides) plus adult seating areas with electrical outlets. 
·         PGA─MSP
Kids can enjoy a pre-flight round of mini golf or a rousing game of Skeeball at PGA─MSP, a first-of-its-kind interactive golf facility located at Terminal 1 above Ike’s Food and Cocktails, across from the North Security Checkpoint. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad can play dozens of the world’s top courses on industry-leading simulators or practice their strokes on the putting green and virtual driving range.  

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