Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Securing the Perimeter

Turnstiles are a way to monitor the traffic flow of people into and out of a venue. They can also help keep businesses safe as only those with access into the building can get through. Someone in security can sit at the turnstile to make sure no one enters who has a weapon or who might cause trouble while inside the building. Portable turnstiles come in various sizes and can be used almost anywhere as long as there is enough space to install the device. Small turnstiles can sometimes be used in the home to keep children or pets in one area. They are convenient to use if a company plans to travel from one city to another and doesn't want to deal with large pieces of security equipment.

One option for using turnstiles is to place them at the entrance of a commercial business. Employees can enter the business after swiping a card at the device or after entering a number that unlocks the system. This can help keep the business secure as only those employees who have the proper identification can get inside. If someone is terminated from the job, then the access won't work, and the person won't be able to get onto the property without an employer allowing entrance.

When parents want to install the portable system at the home, they can arrange it in a way that secures an area for pets or children so that they aren't in areas of the home where they can get hurt. A small gate can be attached to the ends of the turnstile system, or you can place the system at an entry door to prevent access to other areas of the home. Schools can use turnstiles at sporting events or special celebrations if they anticipate a large number of people. This would be a benefit if the school suspects that students might cause trouble while at the event. Turnstiles are ideal for prisons and jails so that only authorized people can get inside, such as workers and visitors who are there to see family or friends who are incarcerated.

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