Friday, June 17, 2016

Amazing Apps: Simpliday

Long gone should be the days of limited, colorless calendar apps. Life is about so much more than appointments, and that’s why our calendars should be too. With Simpliday- Meeting, Reminders & Email in One, the new iPhone calendar app launched today in the U.S., users can achieve a more organized and efficient life by bringing together meetings, reminders and email in one customizable, beautiful, user-friendly app.

Eliminating the need to toggle between multiple apps—including various calendars, emails and reminder apps—to make one’s schedule work, Simpliday’s users can view their calendar in day, week or month format with their reminders list side-by-side in the same app. Reminders can also be assigned to others, and files, images and descriptions can be included as needed. Simpliday connects to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive, allowing files from all sources to be uploaded to reminders and meetings - sharing files with meeting participants made easy.

Simpliday’s action-swipe enables users to turn an email into a meeting or reminders with a simple swipe, rather than jumping from app to app. Multiple email accounts can be integrated, including connection with Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange(EWS) or any IMAP account.
To easily adjust with frequently changing schedules, Simpliday’s drag-‘n-drop functionality lets users easily move previously scheduled appointments, meetings and reminders, and all the phone’s calendars are simultaneously updated. Simpliday identifies contacts already stored in the iPhone, so users can easily schedule meetings and assign reminders within their network.

Simpliday creators believe the calendar should be beautiful and delightful for users to use—after all, a person’s calendar often consists of their most important daily activities and reminders. To achieve this, users can set the background to an image of their choice, such as a calm beach, family photo, fluffy pet, or a favorite vacation spot.

To download Simpliday for iPhone, visit Simpliday—Meetings, Reminders & Email In One or learn more at A demo video can be seen at

Simpliday was started in 2014 in Sweden by co-founders Johan Gunnars and Sebastian Mutsson who saw a need for a more productive and attractive calendar than the iPhone’s native iCalendar. Thus, Simpliday was born to bring busy individuals—whether they be goal-chasing entrepreneurs, parents, students, grandparents, or anyone seeking a less stressful schedule—a calendar app that helps them get things done with an app that is customizable and beautiful. Simpliday launched in the U.S. in 2016, seeking to change the world standard of a calendar with grey lists and grey backgrounds. For more information, visit

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