Friday, June 10, 2016

Book Nook: The Secret of Bald Rock

Years ago, Kelcie's father disappeared at sea. Now that she's ten, Kelcie wants some answers. With the help of her father's lifelong best friend, Mr. Bartleby, Kelcie crosses the island in search of clues to what may have happened the night her father disappeared which seem strangely linked with the legend of The Bald Rock Monster. From learning how lobstering works to understanding Mr. Bartleby's past, Kelcie pieces together the mystery and thinks she knows where she can find the ultimate answers: the forbidden area of the island, Bald Rock.
That's the synopsis of a new book that I recently got to review, The Secret of Bald Rock Island. This book is the first in the Kare Kids series, targeted at kids 8-12. The book aims to help kids be self-reliant and think through problems on their own, with support from adults around them. In today's age of helicopter parenting, it's good to see some strong, positive child characters who appropriately balance independence and assistance.

My 8-year-old daughter really enjoyed reading the book. She loves reading about kids her age that get to be brave and solve problems.She's looking forward to reading the other two books as well!


  1. Bekah, thanks for hosting me on your blog this week and showcasing my new book series. I'm so happy that your daughter loved THE SECRET OF BALD ROCK ISLAND! I hope many more of your readers enjoy the book and that you and all of them have a happy and safe summer!

  2. Having read this title and two of the others in manuscript, I'm confident your daughter will love them. This is a terrific series for kids of that age --- boys and girls alike.