Thursday, June 9, 2016

Caring Causes: Bagus Kid's Yoga/Orang Utan Republik Foundation

 Bagus Kid’s Yoga Collection and is a child focused company driven to provide Eco-friendly, creative, playful yoga products for children to support their journey in becoming more mindful of themselves and their world. They are created by Katrina Maxwell, who is not only a licensed yoga teacher but also a speech language pathologist committed to creating tools for children to become more globally minded at a young age.

Yoga is centuries old, but still relatively new in the United States. Just recently there has been funding for research in how starting yoga at a young age is beneficial. It provides a foundation of a healthy lifestyle that children carry into adulthood. Yoga can increase flexibility, coordination, concentration. It can improve balance, muscle strength, and promote positive body awareness and good posture. Yoga uses positive language, affirmations, visualizations, and des-stressing techniques that over time increase self confidence and positively develop a child’s self image.

Bagus Kid’s yoga mats are 52 inches long, non toxic, and designed just for kids! Bagus LLC is dedicated to education kids, and finding real ways to assist in protecting the environment in Sumatra Indonesia. One dollar from every Bagus Kid’s Yoga Mat sold on Kickstarter will go to the Orang Utan Republik Foundation.

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