Monday, June 27, 2016

Caring Causes: #LikeAGirl

Since its launch in June 2014, #LikeAGirl has gone from a simple phrase to a powerful movement. Always believes that no girl should lose confidence at puberty and is again taking a stand to ensure that #LikeAGirl continues to mean amazing things.
I remember seeing that commercial, and my older daughter (six at the time) asked me why they acted silly when it was "like a girl?" After I said that some people thought girls weren't as good at sports, she said that was silly. As she's grown, she's continued to keep that same confidence.

My younger daughter is a major tomboy. She's told us she wants to be a boy because they can be ninjas. We told her she can be a ninja too, and she now loves the story of Mulan.

Raising two girls is a challenge, and we live in a society that isn't as biased against women as some are. Always is trying to change the messages girls get during puberty to educate them about their bodies and their beautiful strength. You can visit the link to learn more about how they're sponsoring literacy education and keeping girls in school.

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