Thursday, June 9, 2016

Consumer Critique: The Spinfords

Kids are often afraid of being different than their peers - not realizing that sometimes, the people who are the most different are the ones with the biggest impact. A recently-published book, The Spinfords, which I got to review, uses spiders to teach a lesson about being different.

The Spinford family is a group of circus spiders who spin beautiful webs. Their new son Salvatore is very fast and very talented in art, but when it's time for his test, his "web" doesn't meet the expectation. However, with a little bit of encouragement from his grandfather, and help from his cousin, Salvatore has the courage the dare to be different, with a very happy result. It's a cute book, with a great lesson.

The message is close to the author’s heart as she wants other kids like her son, who experiences developmental issues, to know that being different is nothing to be ashamed of – in fact, it’s something to celebrate! Her message is equally important for parents to hear. After all, we all need encouragement weaving our own web sometimes.

From the backwoods of upstate New York to Shanghai, AnnMarie Martin has traveled the world as a reporter The Hollow and short story Disconnected. The Spinfords is her first children’s book.
and editor for more than 10 years. She’s covered world issues, localized ones, met and profiled people from all walks of life, and watched social media change the world of journalism forever. Martin has authored the novel
Stevie Hannigan is a freelance graphic designer who has worked with major brands such as Cadillac and Urban Outfitters. He spent three years as an employee and volunteer at The Trevor Project, a LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention organization, which showed him some of the real damage and harm that feeling different can cause in kids and teens. Recently Hannigan rediscovered his love for illustration and is proud to have The Spinfords be his first children’s book.
The Spinfords can be purchased as of June 6, 2016 from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and the publisher’s online stores here: and Available for preorder NOW!

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